Pyramid of Progress

Conditions:  Still and 150% humidity on this otherwise beautiful Saturday morning overlooking Broad Creek

PAX (19):  Squid, Spaghetti-o, Radar, Scoops, Stroke, Beltway, Schnitzel, Cookies, Capt crunch, Chumbucket, Snipe, Bartman, Veto, Snookie, Brutus, Minivan, Fool’s gold, Musk, Ambien (QIC)


I am not a trained professional. Exercise at your own risk.  Push the man next to you.  Modify if needed.

Warm Up:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 20
  • TTT x 15
  • ACs x 15 IC both ways

 The Thang:

  • Mosey to Veteran’s Park
  • Upon arrival, Pax separated into 3 groups for the Pyramid of Progress/Pain/Pleasure.  Pax disbursed to 3 stations (Parking lot across street, far end of Veteran’s Park loop, Veteran’s park parking lot) and given piece of paper listing the following exercises:
    • 10 burpees
    • 20 merkins
    • 30 big boys
    • 40 squats
    • 50 mt climbers
    • 40 reverse lunges
    • 30 SSH
    • 20 plank jacks
    • 10 derkins
  • Exercises to be completed in order.  Once entire group is done, group moseys to the next station and runs through it again and so on until all groups have done all exercises at all 3 stations.
  • Mosey to the flag


Mosey to Flag area for 20 quick dips before starting Mary


  • Hillbillies x 20 IC
  • Flutter kicks x 30 IC
  • American hammers x 30 IC
  • Verkins (is that what these are called?) x 20 IC


Prayer Requests

  • Schnitzel’s neck:  having surgery this week
  • Captain Crunch’s sister diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Prayer for all injured Pax to heal


  • Pick your spot on the ground for big boys very carefully:  you never know where there will be angry red ant hills
  • Great push today in muggy, bog-like conditions.
  • Mumblechatter reached fever pitch after calling for 20 quick Verkins at the very end but, hey, we had 20 seconds to kill.

Even after a terrible night of sleep (yes, even Sleep Guys have occasional insomnia), it was a pleasure to lead 19 men who defeated the fartsack.  Prayers to those who need it but don’t ask.

Ambien out.

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