Ruck at the Buck #1


PAX: Urkel (QIC)


  • SSH x 20 IC w/ Ruck
  • TTT x 10 IC w/ Ruck
  • IW x 25 IC w/ Ruck

The Thang:

  • Mosey with Ruck around the near side of the parking lot. AYG – focus on lengthening stride.
  • Back to the pad turn left
  • 1st Corner – 25 Merkins with Ruck
  • Bearcrawl to 2nd corner
  • Take off Ruck and hold it overhead for 25 Flutters – 4 count IC
  • Put Ruck back on
  • Lungewalk to corner 3
  • 25 Squats with Ruck
  • Bearcrawl to corner 4
  • Take off Ruck
  • 25 Overhead Ruck presses
  • On your 6
  • 25 Ruck presses
  • Exit the Pad

Rinse and Repeat


  • Attempted American Hammers while holding the Ruck in front (this was Stupid)
  • Hello Dolly’s holding Ruck overhead x 25 IC


  • Reading this, it doesn’t seem like that much, but it felt much worse!
  • I have been thinking about a Ruck at the Buck for about 19 months. I saw this opportunity when Joker would be taking Snowflake to school as a chance to try it out.
  • I have until Halloween to complete my first Pathfinder Ruck training. 75 or more miles, 20 of more workouts, at least half with a Ruck, and 4 or more challenges.
  • I know that a lot of people consider Rucking stupid and pointess, but hey isn’t that the kind of thing that we are into! The fastest growing regions in F3 all point to rucking as a big part of their success.

Urkel Out!

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