Sixty-Four Good Minutes

Date:  8/11/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Big Spur, Toothless, Ball Cock, Compost, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:   Pleasant w/ a “cool” breeze

Disclaimer: YHC has no training, is not a professional, has no skill, exercise at your own risk.

5 PAX resisted the fartsack and took their #DRP to go hard for a full 60 minutes and then some.


-Predator Jack x 20 IC

-Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

-Burpee x 10 IC

-Thru The Tunnel x 20 IC

-Tempo Merkin x 20 IC

PAX mosey over to the street for:


Ragnar Mile:

1 mile run with leg exercises mixed in since we have no hills.

Mosey down to Pritchard and Bridge – Jump Squat x 10 OYO, Mosey to bridge, lunge walk over bridge, mosey to Bridge and Boundary – Mary Katherine x 20 (ea leg) OYO, mosey to Boundary and 46 – Predator Jack x 30 OYO, Mosey to 46 and Boundary – SSH x 40 IC, mosey back to AO – 1 mile.

PAX grab a tire and head down to the big field.  Big Spur paces off 100 yards and PAX drop their tires for:

Baker’s Dozen:

PAX perform 4 exercises starting with 13 reps of each exercise OYO.

8-Count Body Builder x 13, Smurf Jack x 13, Wheezy Jefferson x 13, Burp (burpee w/o the pushup) x 13.  Plank on your tire for the six.

Recovery mosey / Ranger Shuffle / Recon Shuffle 100 yards back to start point to gather yourself before 12 reps. PAX work their way back and forth on the big field down to 1 rep.  After all reps are complete PAX grab their tire, raise it over head and walk 100 yards back to the start point.  PAX keep tire above head until the six arrives. PAX throw their tire to the ground and DONE! #destroyed


Naked Man Moleskin:

-With 4 reps of the Baker’s Dozen to go at 0728, YHC asked the PAX if they wanted to stop of 0730 or complete the exercises.   In order to continue past 0730 all PAX needed to be in.   Compost (who served as the six for most of the w/o) was the first to respond with an emphatic “FINISH”, Big Spur was in and not in danger of missing a tee time with the extra time, Ball Cock and Toothless were both good to go.  Finish what to started!  Great work gents!  Total Baker’s Dozen reps 364 (91 reps each exercise) and total workout time 1 hour and 4 minutes.

Always an honor and pleasure to lead!

Buckeye OUT

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