Ladders and Bombs


Coach K, Whip, Cubby, Dabo, Ball Cock, Joker, Gas Mask, Sawed Off*, Madoff, Big Spur, Buckeye*, Compost, Peaches*, Uncle Rico, Squealer*, TP, Jack Sparrow*, Stones*, Floride, Diapers*, Judy Judy (QIC)

*Ragnar PAX joining mary after either running bleachers or jumping into a nearby body of water.

Cool with low humidity for middle of August.



SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

AC x 25 IC



Partner Ladders: Alternate exercise and plank 1…10

(1) Merkins

(2) Alt Sh Taps

(3) Mt. Climbers

Break for plank lesson. Plank 1:30.

(4) Burpees (alternate exercise and rest)


Start with 5 and increase by five at each corner of small parking lot loop.

Rinse and Repeat replacing overhead claps with burpees.



Am Hammers x 20 IC

TM x 5

{7 Ragnar PAX join in to finish up Mary}

Flutters x 20 IC

TM x 5

Back Scratchers x 20 IC

TM x 5


Announcements: HH Thursday at Fat Patties. Peaches to send out details and possibly one special request.

Prayer Requests: Unspoken.


  1. T-Claps to the Ragnar pax hitting up the bleachers.  It appears work was done.
  2. Joker made the merkin ladder look way too easy.
  3. YHC is honored to announce that Coach K was selected as the poster boy for F3 Nation. Congrats Coach K.
  4. T-Claps to Whippoorwill on the Puma Sponsorship. Good job!
  5. T-Claps to Compost for three posts in a row. Not easy to come back after back to back Buckeye/Peaches workouts.
  6. T-Claps to Floride. He works out consistently despite having a newborn. Committed.
  7. Overhead claps make no sense unless combined with Jack Webb.

Always a pleasure.

JJ Out.

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