The Rock

PAX PRESENT FOR WO: Grayson Allen, Judge Judy, Coach K, Ballcock, Joker, Madoff, Sawed Off (Ragnar Training), Buckeye (Ragnar Training) ,  Whip (Q)

Welcome to F3 the temp is about 77 (headed to 189 degrees for the day).

No new guys.


Warm UP
TTT x 20
Temp Merkin x 5
Arm Circles front and back x 12 x 12

Slow mosey to near tennis courts

Pick a Rock Up.
Put the Rock Down.

Mtn. Climbers x 100
Squats with Rock x 25
1 Arm Lifts with Rock x 25
Squats with Rock x 25
1 Arm Lifts with Rock x 25
Mtn. Climbers x100

Carry Rock Mosey Back to Pad.
(One set of tempo Merkins along the way.)
Stop half way and do lunges with Rock 40 ft.

Burpee Broad Jump half way across pad.
Bear Crawl Back
Lunges all the way across pad.

Mosey with Rock Back to Tennis Court.

Mosey Back with Tempo Merkins
x 5 x 10 x 15

Assorted Ab Routine.

T-Claps to Judy for killing me on a 4 mile run prior to WO. Ballcock is just as funny as Stones. Joker is the king of the Buck. Love the guy. Madoff pushed like the beast he is. Grayson outworked us all and refused to “drop or hand off his rock”. Stud! Coach K and Judy had a 2 hour conversation during Mary. T-claps to Sawed Off and Buckeye for training for Ragnar. Dedication fellas…

Announcements None.
Prayer Requests for Chris Young Family and Young Life Golf Tournament.

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