Pink Floyd in the Parking Lot

Coach K, Big Spur, Whip, Madoff, Simpson, Compost, Annie (FNG), Joker, Ray, Judy, Ball Cock, Roker, Schmedium (Charlotte)

Perfect weather for a bootcamp.


SSH x 25

TM x 10

TTT x 20

TM x 10

AC x 25

TM x 10



ASTs bear crawl Merkins mosey back


Starbursts mosey Squats jailbreak

Mosey to pad for Mary

TM x 5

AST x 5

Merkins x 5

Starbursts x 5

Squats x 5


BOM welcome FNG Annie. You can pick your friends, but not your F3 name.

Announcements: none.

Prayer Requests: Unspoken


  1. Ray is faster than anyone else.
  2. Foot race between Roker and Whip was entertaining. Foot race between Compost and Big Spur was even better. Both were a tie.
  3. Welcome back Simpson.
  4. T-claps to Whip for putting in 4 miles and a stop at Parker’s before 5:15.
  5. Despite looking like death, Joker did not quit. That is what you get for running with high schoolers in the evenings.
  6. T-claps to FNG Annie. It only gets easier after the first workout. Just ask Simpson.
  7. According to Big Spur, the referral fee earned for bringing an FNG is more valuable than money.

Always a pleasure,



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