Does Urkel or Dabo hold the Burpee record?

Updike, Whip, FloRide, Toothless, Compost, Judy
Weather: It’s almost Gameday Saturday and you could feel it in the breeze.

SSH x 10

1 B
AC x 10
2 B
AC x 10
3 B
TTT x 10
4 B
TM x 10
5 B
SSH x 10

6 B
AC x 10
7 B
AC x 10
8 B
TTT x 10
9 B
TM x 10
10 B
Mosey to OFP
Long 11s : Burpee/Squats
Mosey to TCOTC
11s : dips/Merkins questionable counting methods in effect
Mosey to Flag
Backscratchers x 20
TM x 5
Flutters x 20
TM x 5
LBC x 20 OYO
TM x 5
Am Hammers x 20
TM x 5
BBSU x 10
TM x 5
Prayer Requests: prayers for one of Eric’s members dealing with diabetes.
1. T-claps to FloRide for waking up at 6:07 and still posting. Better late than never.
2. The burpee record remains. One day it will be surpassed. Today would have been that day, but Whip was too tired for the attempt (he was up late photoshopping).
3. Mumblechatter always gets weird during dips.
4. Updike went into beast mode halfway through the first set of 11s. Ridiculous.
5. Toothless announced he had to leave 10 minutes early. After learning there would not be an 10×10 for Mary, he miraculously could stay the whole hour.
6. Compost is hosting a fundraising Gala. Stay tuned. It will be epic.

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