1 Year Anchorversary

Weather – overcast about 85 – nice breeze

19 Pax – Machine, Trim, Sitter, Otter, Baby Shoes, Grape Juice (Q), Rambo, Boomer Sooner, Cpl Klinger, Sunshine, Conroy (Q), EEEEEE!!!!(Q), Big Easy, Dabo, Mansewer, Wipeout, Mr. Roboto, 1 mile, Swoosh

Disclaimer and welcome

Mosey around parking lot and over to the first small green in the park

Warmup IC

SSH x 30, TTT x 15, IW x 25, Arm Circles in Air chair fwd, bed x 10 – raise roof x 15, overhead claps x 25 – off airchair

Mosey to large area –

Deconstructed Burpees

10 Squats IC

10 leg thrusts IC 4 ct

10 Squat Jumps IC

10 Merkins OYO

10 Burpees OYO

Line up – Indian run up the bridge then grab partner at top for 20 patty cake Merkins. Run down bridge and back to the large area OYO

line up with backs to the water – partner up – 1st guy bear crawls to cones and duck walk back while partner planks. Rinse and repeat x2

Then 1st partner Burpee broad jumps to cones and bear crawls back while partner does squats – nice mumble chattter during this one – Dabo Bearcrawl efficiency was impressive.

Mosey to pavilion for 11s Dips and Derkins

Monkey Humpers then led by Rambo (11 years old) who did an awesome job of leading the 4 count cadence.

EEEEEE took Q next for Core Principle review and some nice core work –

Freddy Mercury (Joe Frasier) 4 count x 40 –

American Hammer x 40

Mosey around park to bay st and back to pavilion – alternating shoulder taps for 1 minute

Mosey to end of park and then back to the large area

Grape Juice then took over for Dora 123 – 50 Merkins, 150 squats, 250 LBCs while partner took lap around cones set up for 1/4 mile loop

pick up cones and flag for Mosey back to anchor – High knees to parking lot – Jailbreak to Anchor


Countorama, Name-o-Rama, announcements of new Anchor shirts available on F3 site, Dabo announced F2 event at Islander in Hilton Head at 1pm.

Prayer requests for Shay Gaillard back surgery, Duncan Family, and Guest Famiily.

Moleskin – Outstanding ball of men on hand for celebration of 1 year at the Anchor – Great to see some who had not been there in a while and missed several. Attitudes were solid and effort was strong. Many new challenges were discussed at coffee and commitments were few – discussions will continue.

Priceless experience being part of this over the last year. Looking forward to what next year will bring.

Conroy – out.

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