225 in the 843

August 27th

11 Pax: Stones, Sawed Off, Gambit, Joker, Ray, Chumbucket, Gas Mask, Dabo, Diapers, Peaches, Whip

Conditions: Nice

Warm UP:
25 Merkins
15 Jump Squats
25 Merkins

The Thang
1 loop mosey together.
1 Burpee

Mosey to Calhoun Street:

10 Hand Release Merkins
15 Diamond Merkins
20 Staggered Merkins
20 Staggered Merkins
25 Hand Release Ranger Merkins (terrible)
Jail Break to Corner Perk Stop Sign
15 Spiderman Merkins
10 Under the Fence Merkins

Abs 50 LBC’s
Legs 50 Squats
Abs 25 V-ups
Run to Stop Sign near Church of Cross
Merkins 20 (One legged)

Curbside Row of Deah x 5 merkins

Two Groups Formed (9-10 min mile guys)
vs (6-8 min mile guys must do 10 merkins before starting)

Mosey back to Basketball Court/ Swings Area.
-Each Pax does 10 Swerkins (feet in swing merkins)
-Each Pax does 10 Swerkin Leg Raises
-15 Swerkins
-15 leg raises

Bear Crawl Relay on Basketball Court -One Round


Side Straddle Hop x 25
10 Tempo Merkins
20 American Hammers
10 Temp Merkins

Moleskin: Always a privelage to leave the flag at the AO on Sunday evening in hopes someone will lead but Peaches informed me different. Great WO with a great group of men. Kinda quiet today with exception of the normal Gambit jabs of love.  Stones is looking to become a minister and is looking forward to working only 1 day a week. WO was approved by Peaches so I guess things are getting pretty serious. Thanks Peach.  Honestly, all men seem to breeze through the WO.  225 Merkins….give or take. I hope your chest is happy.

Annoucemnents: None
Prayers for Michael a young man with cancer. Much prayer for him.

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