6 for 6 Challenge Preblast

Before going any further this is Peaches’ fault.

In May of 2016, the Buck was born and the PAX of F3 Lowcountry had a new opportunity, the chance to workout with their brothers in the gloom 6 days a week. I don’t have records to show who the first to do this was, but it was a noteworthy accomplishment. The first person to do a 6 for 6 after I joined F3 was Stones. We made a big deal of it, had the F3 flag, and it was all over Facebook. Three months after I started, I did my first 6 for 6. Stones once attempted to have a group of people join him in it, but he finished the week as the only one. We have grown quite a bit since then, but the attention to this still noteworthy accomplishment has wained. Many of our PAX never even consider trying it. Let’s see what we can do about that.

YHC has been pondering a 6 for 6 Q for quite some time. According to my records I have completed a 6 for 6 22 times (3 times I actually did 7 WOs in 6 days) in my nearly 2 years of F3. A text from Peaches got me thinking about it again and then an idea started to take shape. I would take the Q at all of the Bluffton Workouts for a week and encourage as many PAX as possible to post 6 times during the week. As I started thinking, I wanted to go bigger, and the PAX over at the Yacht Club would definitely be up to the challenge. I needed a partner who could keep things going on the island. There was but one clear choice, Chumbucket, the ultimate beast. He destroyed my record of 38 consecutive posts. I talked to him about it and he was on board. We will CoQ the MOB and split the Buck and the Yacht Club. (If anyone from the Anchor wants to join let me know!)

We decided to wait until after Labor Day when routines have been reestablished and traveling has slowed. So here we go!


The Challenge:

Complete an F3 workout everyday from Monday, September 10 through Saturday, September 15.


The rules:

1. Post everyday 9/10 – 9/15

  • Just in F3 Lowcountry (Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort) there are 2 Monday, 2 Tuesday, 2 Wednesday, 2 Thursday, 3 Friday, and 4 Saturday Workouts.
  • Can’t make it to an AO?
    • Solo workouts DO NOT count (no 2nd F if you are alone).
    • Find another PAX (or 2 or 20) and do something together.
      • Whatever you can make work: a run, a bootcamp, a ruck.
      • Training for the Ragnar? Run with another PAX and it counts!
      • Can’t do it in the morning? Find a time that does work.
      • Traveling? Find another AO in another region, or better yet find a mustard seed and make his day.
  • If you complete a WO other than at a regular Lowcountry AO make sure to tweet it or put it on the F3 Lowcountry Facebook page so that you get counted.

2. Refer to rule #1


The reward:

  • Knowing that you conquered the fartsack for an entire week.
  • Some awesome 2nd F from shared suffering with your fellow PAX
  • For every HIM that complete this challenge $ will be donated to the F3 Lowcountry Foundation
  • For every HIM in F3 Lowcountry that completes this challenge I will Ruck 1 mile ending at a regular bootcamp workout. I think it would be awesome to start a Ruck at the MOB and end at the Yacht Club around 6:30 on a Saturday. (That would take 14 PAX going 6 for 6). Or maybe start at the Buck (That would take 17 PAX going 6 for 6). Or maybe start at the Anchor (That would take 41 PAX going 6 for 6).


Sponsorship Opportunity:

  • Want to go bigger than just crushing this challenge. Throw some money in to encourage a PAX who is tempted to fartsack. We have a few donors already willing to kick in some bucks, but the more we have the greater the motivation and the more impact we can have!


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