Jacob’s Ladder

Coach K, Ray, Madoff, Compost, Annie, Gump, Big Perm, Joker, Ball Cock, Paladin, Judy (QIC)



SSH x 10

10 Merkins

AC x 10

10 Merkins

AC x 10

10 Merkins

TTT x 10

10 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat


Jacob’s Ladder around Bus Loop

0 Minutes of Mary


BOM (Joined by 8 Ragnar Pax)

Prayers for Paladin and his wife and the safe and healthy arrival of their son or daughter.

Announcements: You must wear a shirt to BOM. It is F3 principle number 6.


  1. Good push by all. Jacob’s ladder is not easy.
  2. Nothing is worse for a Q than hearing Ray and Coach K have a 45 minute pleasant conversation during the entire workout. Those guys don’t even sweat.
  3. Welcome back Annie. It only gets easier.
  4. T-Claps to Ragnar folks for keeping their training regimen. Good work.
  5. Welcome back Paladin. You have been missed.
  6. Where is Gump?

JJ out


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