Are we going to warm up at the end?

PAX: Ballcock, Judge Judy, Ray, Joker, Big Spur, Annie, Maddoff, Coach K (QIC)

Quote of the morning: Are we going to warm up at the end? — Annie

Disclaimer: Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself.  I am not a professional.

Conditions: Sweaty

-SSH IC x 25
-Smurf Jacks IC x 25
-Star Jacks OYO x 25
–Copper Head Squat IC x 25
–monkey humpers IC x 15 (legs couldn’t do anymore)
–Plank Jack IC x 20
–mountain climbers IC x 20
— 5 pullups

1 vup, 10 Merkins, 4 American Hammers IC, 2 vup, 10 Merkins, 8 AH IC, 3 vup, 10Merkin 12 AH, 4 vup, 10 Merkin 16 AH…to 8, 10, 32.

5 pullups and mosey to the wall

9 vups, 10 merkins, 36 American Hammers IC

50 incline Merkins, 50 dips, 50 derkins, 50 step ups on the wall

Mosey to the tennis courts

Bearcrawl suicide with 5 jump squats everytime you return to starting line

10 vups, 10 merkins

Indian Run back to the pad with jailbreak at the end

5 pull ups

40 American Hammers joined by Sawed Off and Jack Sparrow


Sawed Off announced there were 12 Ragnar participants not there.


For Handy Manny on his general contractors test Tuesday in Jacksonville

For the family and friends of Michael, the May River High student who passed away this week.


I have been slack this summer about signing up to lead.  My apologies to the PAX.  It is an honor leading.  If you haven’t led in a while pick a day and put your name on the list. If you haven’t led, do it.  You won’t regret it and you get to pick the exercises so if you don’t like burpees you don’t have to do burpees.

–Ray is fast and I don’t think he even breaks a sweat.

–Annie is killing it.

–Big Spur has great form in the dark and in the light according to Judy.

–Let’s all pray for Joker as he does the funeral for Michael at May River High.

Great push by everyone this morning!

Coach K Out!

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