Happy Birthday Joker

A true man of the pulpit, Joker went through all of today’s Q without a word that it was his birthday.  HBD Joker!

YHC woke up this morning not knowing what kind of showing he would have from the PAX this morning.   Would Romo actually show as promised or break me and Swanson’s hearts once again?  Would there be mumblechatter?  Would I be forced to do my workout alone, a feeling that only Dabo and Urkel could understand?

Step 1:  Show up.  Accomplished.


77 degrees.  I arrived to a dark parking lot and a motley group of Ragnar Runners going over their gameplan.

PAX (6):  

Floride, Joker, Romo, Swanson, BIg Easy, Brooks from F3 Charlotte


I am not a trained professional. Exercise at your own risk.  Push the man next to you.  Modify if needed.

Warm Up:

  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 25 (4 count)
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 15 (4 count)
  • Through The Tunnel IC x 10.  Do at your own risk.
  • Baby Arm Circles x 10 (4 count)
  • Get a sip of water.  Joker does’t need water.

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Church of Cross Water Front
  • Calhoun Ladder Dora-cide (I think, baby is crying too loud for me to look it up).  Split up in to two groups of 3.
    • Starting Point:  Wooden Benches by Public Dock at end of Calhoun Street
    • Street 1:  Lunges to Water Street, 20 murkins, mosey back
      • Group 2 holds a derkin plank
    • Street 2:  High knees to Allen Street, 20 merkins, mosey back
      • Group 2 holds a derkin plank
    • Street 3:  Butt Kicks to Bridge Street, 20 merkins, mosey back
      • Group 2 does AMRAP calf raises
    • Street 4:  Karaoke to Green Street, 20 merkins, mosey back
      • Group 2 does AMRAP calf raises
    • Street 5:  Karaoke to Lawrence Street, 20 merkins, mosey back
      • Group 2 does AMRAP calf raises
    • Street 6: Mosey to Water Street and back
      • Group 2 does AMRAP step ups
    • Running low on time, mosey back to the pad

Mary- 1 minute flutter kicks, 1 minute plank 

COR, NOR, Announcements

Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for Joker as he lays Michael to rest at 16 years.  Give him strength and comfort to the family.


  • I watched Buckeye eat a 5lb piece of Grade A prime rib at Jim and Nick’s last night.  I did not appear to be slowing him down on mile 8 this morning.  Good work all Ragnar runners.
  • Big Easy explained to our F3 Charlotte guest that Romo is Italian and Somalian in the same sentence.  Good thing Romo doesn’t have Facebook.
  • YHC, Big Easy, and F3 Charlotte Brooks stuck to the workout script.  However, every time we returned to the scenic water front Romo and Swanson were embraced looking at the sunrise.  Joker could have presided over the ceremony.
  • Apparently all women lie on their online dating bios.
  • It’s a shame F3 Bluffton doesn’t have any physical therapists that could help Swanson with his soft tissue injuries.

A great group of men this morning putting in work this morning with a good mix of friendly banter!

I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe long weekend with their family.  Challenging myself to post more than one day next week.

Floride out!

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