Between the Palms

PAX: Roker, FNG Cornhole, Gump, Whip, Cubby, Updike (QIC), Judy (QIC)

Judy and Updike co-Q, which means there was some running…

Weather: Steamy, but perfect. It always is.


w/u (Judy)

SSH x 10
1 B
AC x 10
2 B
AC x 10
3 B
TTT x 10
4 B
Mnt Climbers x 10
5 B
SSH x 10

6 B
AC x 10
7 B
AC x 10
8 B
TTT x 10
9 B
Mnt Climbers x 10
10 B
Thang (Updike)
Mosey to Post Office
Suicides between the palms. Complete ridiculously long suicide.
Round 1: 10 burpees
Round 2: 20 merkins
Round 3: 30 BBS
Mosey to VSF
1.5 MOM (Judy)
Am Hammers x 40 IC
TM (YHC counts down, PAX count the rep up) x 7
Prayer Requests: unspoken
1. T-Claps to FNG Cornhole. This was not an easy workout. Well done.
2. T-Claps to Gump for making it through the entire workout.
3. If someone presents you with an EC opportunity, you should always say yes.
4. Roker is sporting a BA mustache.

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