MiniVan’s Backblast from 9/4

Mary, Mary, Mary…

Conditions: 80 degrees and a humid September morning

PAX (23) Shingles, Beltway, Stroke, Brownie, Snookie, Ambien, Radar, Hermanos, Cardinal, JV, Bartman(respect), MeatGazer, GoDaddy, Chumbucket, Schnitzel(respect), Spaghetti-O, Spaulding, HardHat, Musk, Goose(respectX2), Cookies(respect), Brutis, MiniVan(Q)


Warmup: 10x Windmill, 15x TTT, 10x Storm Troopers OK – Imperial Walkers, 15x Hillbillies Sidenote – I believe I improved my tempo count….

The Thang:

  1. 1)  4×4’s (4 mountain climbers, 4 merkins, burpee) X 10
  2. 2)  10x Burpee box jump, 50x hanging leg flutters
  3. 3)  25x BB’s, 50x Plank shoulder tap
  4. 4)  20x Box cutter, 40x American hammer (JV- Russian Twist)


Mary – We just did 45 minutes of Mary…

Schnitzel for healing and additional procedure, Healing for all unspoken, for all F3 men –

better husbands, leaders and fathers

MiniVan out

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