And so it begins


Day 1 of the 6 for 6 Challenge

Warm-Up – Chumbucket

  • SSH
  • LBAC
  • TTT
  • IW

The Thang – Urkel

  • Mosey to Pritchard St
  • Jailbreak to the entrance to the bus loop
  • Mosey to the school building
  • Partner BOMBS^6
    • Partner up
    • One partner exercises, one runs a lap, switch until finished
    • 60 Burpees
    • 106 Overhead Claps
    • 156 Merkins
    • 206 BBSU
    • 256 Squats
    • Keep squatting or running until all are finished
  • Mosey back to Pritchard
  • Jailbreak to the parking lot

6MOM – Chumbucket

  • Right arm up. right leg up, down repeat on left
  • An ungodly number of flutters
  • American Hammers
  • Hello Dolly’s


  • The plan for this challenge started in July with several conversations. I had no idea at the time that one of the people that would need this most would be me.
  • August was a terrible month for me. I worked all the time and dropped to posting 1 or 2 times a week. This was just what I needed.
  • When school was canceled for the remainder of the week, we pondered as a family what to do. We have a place to go and days off for me are so very rare. About an hour later I got a phone call from my parents telling us how much they would like us to come. Their dog of 14 years had just passed earlier that day and dad had several projects that would benefit from some help. My F3 brothers are more important to me than I could ever express, but I have neglected my family too long and took this opportunity to give them a chance to get away.
  • This 6 for 6 challenge got interesting, but it will continue. As of Tuesday we have 14 PAX still in it.
  • God willing I look forward to finishing out the week at the Buck and the MOB!

Urkel Out!

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