6 for 6 Day 4 for Double Quarter Pounders

PAX: Snooki, Brutus, Slick, Radar, Tramp Stamp, Singlet, Weinstein, Bartman (Respect), Sub-Prime, Musk, Ambien, Spaghetti-O, Mini Van, Hermanos, Goose (Double Respect), Hard Hat, Spicolli, Cookies (Respect), Snipe, Schnitzel, Squid, Chum Bucket (QIC)

Conditions:  77 with lingering humidity and a slight breeze

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper and stronger today.


SSH x 50 IC

TTT x 20 IC

Arm Circles x 20 IC (forward)

Arm Circles x 16 (Backward)

Tempo Merkins x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Mosey to bike racks



11’s on bike rack

Pull-up rows

Big Boy Sit-Ups


Mosey to Stage


Double Quarter Pounders

Sprint 25 yards out, Run Backward back to Start

25 Merkins

Sprint 50 yards out, Run Backward back to Start

50 Squats

Sprint 75 yards out, Run Backward back to Start

75 Mountain Climbers

Sprint 100 yards out, Run Backward back to Start

100 SSH

Rinse and Repeat then finish with the 6


Mosey to Wall


Ascending Testicles

Balls to the Wall

Walk hands out to 45 degrees and do 10 incline Merkins in cadence ( What happened to the count?)



Spaghetti-O led Flutters x 40






-Run Day 5:15am @ Yacht Club

-Schnitzel is throwing a Hurricane Party tonight at 4pm 2 Saxton Lane in Palmetto Hall

-Ambien wants everyone know that there is a hurricane coming

-2nd Hilton Head AO is set to open October 13th at the school complex, name is yet to be determined

-Scouting workout at new AO 5:15am September 19th behind the Rec Center



-For those in the path of Hurricane Florence

-For those that couldn’t be with us this morning


-Stay safe out there!



-Great work by Cookies (Respect), Bartman (Respect), and Squid for 4 days in a row, keep up the good work!

-Good to see Slick back in the Gloom

-Ascending Testicles was definitely not a crowd pleaser, we’ll have to try that again

Its always a pleasure to lead this group of men!

Chum Bucket Out!

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