Old Town/Old A.O./Old School Dora

QIC:  Dabo/Chumucket

When:  9-12/2018

Conditions: Thick Humid Air with not even a stitch of wind. Real Feel: 350F

PAX: Chumbucket, Dabo, Peaches, Big Easy, Coach K, Flea, Ray, Buckeye, Ballcock, Wet Wipes, Big Spur, Bartman, Squid, Diapers, Cookies, Gambit.


With Urkel taking a last minute evac trip to the upstate, I didn’t want to leave Chumbucket hanging solo as he is planning to Q all week long for this 6 for 6 challenge week, so I hopped on the opportunity to stand in for Urkel on a steamy Wednesday morning at the MOB(I also wanted to insure that we didn’t do anything leg intensive after running the bleachers on Tuesday at The Buck).


SSH x 25

TTT X 15 (lots of groans)

Arm Circles F/R x 15/15

imperial walkers x 15

Tempo Merkins x 15

Mosey to the Bridge – Bear Crawl across bridge.

Mosey to Church of the Cross – find a spot on the wall –

11’s Dips and Derkins

Indian Run down Calhoun St to Dubois Park.

Partner up – Old School Dora

Partner #1 runs across the park and down to stop sign at Lawrence and Calhoun St while partner #2 completes a cumulative:

50 Pull-ups

100 Merkins

150 Big Boy Sit ups

200 Overhead Claps

250 Squats

Mosey back to AO –

Time up!

All Done

Prayers for Peace and Safety for all of those affected and in the path of Florence.


Moleskin: The Air was thick and still, no hint of a breeze at all, not pleasant conditions for a workout, but many pushed through and appeared unfazed, good work men. This was a common workout in the early days of the MOB, the multiple trips back and forth to that stop sign brought on many memories of suffering in the gloom with a some of the same Pax, 3 years ago! At the 1/2 way mark on the 6 for 6 challenge!

Dabo, on behalf of Chumbucket – Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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