Ray, Big Spur, Annie, Ballcock, Dabo, Coach K, Cornhole, Joker, YoYo Ma, Urkel

Weather Report: Not horrible at all. 70 degrees.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional , just poor preacher.

Warm Up: Same Stuff as usual
TTTx 20
Arm Cirlces x 12 x 12
SSH x 10

Mosey to Track.

Mosey 1 lap.
Jailbreak 1 lap.
Mosey 1 lap.
Jailbreak 1 lap.


Mosey to Front of School to use 24 inch Elevated Wall.
10 Derkins
10 Derkins
10 One Leg Derkins
10 One Leg Derkins
5 Diamond Derkins
5 Staggered Derkins
5 Staggered Derkins
10 Tempo Derkins
6 Spider Man Derkins
5 Diamond Derkins
5 Temp Derkins
5 (inch from ground) Derkins
2 inch Derkins (Start in Plank and lower 2 inches at Q command)

20 Freddie Mercuries
Canoe Right and Left

5 Derkins
5 Derkins
5 Derkins
5 Derkins
5 Derkins
5 Derkins

Mosey Back to Pad

10 Merkins
5 Diamond Merkins
One Leg Merkins x 5 and x 5
6 Spider Man Merkins
Plank and Left and Right Arm Up Rotation.
Half Way Merkin Hold.

American Hammers x 20
Flutters x 20
Big Boys x 10
V ups x 10


The Tuesday Q Slot was open so I took it. Thankful to be able to get up and move today. Such a good group of men this morning. Cornhole took off like a missile on the track. Joker acts old but is actually around 29 years old biologically….its a fact. Annie pushed hard through the Derkin Death Chamber…. Big Spur is thinking of running for public office….back in 1898 he kissed a lady named Betty Crocker…and confessed it today.

Accountability is best. Stay in the light and don’t allow the enemy to convince you that isolation is solitude. IT’s not. Don’t live life in a corner. Isolation is from hell. Solitutude is from heaven. Fellowship with your brothers. It develops a root system in your life. Even if you drift, like an old achor, fellowship will keep you alive through the storm. 



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