The Murph

PAX: Swanson, Dabo, Gasmask, Gambit, Compost, Big Spur, Ballcock, Yo-yo Ma, Urkel, Gump, Peaches (QIC)

Weather: 77 and Still Humid

Disclaimer: Work out at your own risk

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC


The Murph

Indian run long route to Dubois Park (1ish Mile)

100 Pull Ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats

Break into 3 groups and as a group divide above exercise by 10 and complete 10 reps.

Mosey back to AO the long way (just under 1 Mile)


Flutter Kicks x 50 IC




Announcements: Need volunteer for #Ragnar for F2 only, little to no Running required

Prayers: Unspoken



-When asked if he was going to puke again, Gump bent over and began to dry heave frozen Salmon from last night

-T-Claps to Gasmask for completing all Pull ups and Sit ups, wait, there were no sit ups?

-Urkel is on 17th workout in 16 days, keep it going brother

-FYI a “Buck-blast” is a clever way of writing a “Back-Blast” at the Buck.

-Gambits pull-ups make a loud creaky noise, my guess is its your IT band

-The Murph workout was create by Michael Murphy a Navy Seal killed in Operation Red Wings, take a minute to read about it

Always a pleasure to Lead

Peaches out!

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