Back to the Basics

Date:  10/15/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Ball Cock, Ray, Gambit, Swanson, Peaches, Gump, Diapers, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:  Just Fine

Disclaimer: YHC has no training, is not a professional, has no skill, exercise at your own risk.

8 PAX took their #DRP while circling up around the #VSF, in preparation to execute YHC’s favorite workout routine.


-SSH x 25 IC

-Double Merkin Burpee x 1 OYO

-Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

-DM Burpee x 2 OYO

-Predator Jack x 20 IC

-DM Burpee x 3 OYO

-Imperial Squat Walker x 20 IC  – Demo Please!

-DM Burpee x 4 OYO

-Thru The Tunnel x 20 IC #crowdpleaser

-DM Burpess x 5 OYO

Karaoke left / right, backward run, and high knees down Pritchard Street to Bridge.


Indian Run down Bridge to Calhoun and hooks a left on Calhoun to Church of the Cross and partner up for some:

Back to the Basics with YHC’s favorite routine – DORA:

-Merkin x 100

-V-Up x 200

-Jump Squat x 300 #feeltheburn #thatsucked

PAX help each other finish, no one planks-up while waiting for the six today gents.

-10 count followed by mosey to the bottom of the bluff:

PAX form a single file line and bear crawl up the bluff and mosey back down, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

Indian Run down Calhoun, right on Bridge and hooks a left on Pritchard and back to the #VSF for: 


DM Burpee x 1, V-Up x 1, Jump Squat x 1 OYO

Rinse and Repeat increasing one rep for each round until time and DONE!


-Save travels and swift running to Gump as he travels home to run in his brother Ben’s 5k.

-Swanson is on the grill and invited to the PAX to the HHI Pres. Fall Festival on Oct. 20.

Naked Man Moleskin:

-Ray was there but YHC never heard him make a sound. Not sure the workout phased him.

-Moving Thru the Tunnel to the end of the warm-up will induce significant #mumblechatter from the PAX.

-Great group of Men out there this morning, fellowship was had.

-With the P200 teams being formed, all PAX need to EH brothers who have been absent from the #gloom and get them back out there.  For example, what happened to Simpson and Nancy Drew?  No better time to consistently start training for the next CSAUP than now!

Buckeye OUT!

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