A Good Mix

Pax Present: (8)
TP, Madoff, Ray, Joker, Wet Wipes, Coach K, Judge Judy, Whip QIC

Weather Conditions: 70 and not an ounce of humidity.

Disclaimer: I am not trained so you’re on your own…

Warm Up: SSH, TTT, Arm Circles x 12 (all)

Mosey to Track:
50 Freddie Merc OYO

1 lap mosey together.

1 Mile as fast as you can.

Mosey to Wall for Derkin/ Squat Love:

Derkin x 10
Squat x 10
D x 11
S x 11
D x 12
S x 12
D x 13
S x 13
D x 14
S x 14
D x 15
S x 16

Wheelbarrell Bearcrawls 30 yards
2 Rounds.

Back to Wall for
SpiderMan Derkins
x 4
x 4
20 Wall jumps

Diamond Derkins

Mosey Back to Pad
one leg merkins x 10
Superman 10 sec hold x 2
Side Superman x 2
Freddie Mercs x 50
American Hammers x 20



Incredible temps this morn. All men showed up and nobody mailed it in. Thankful to be able to lead. I am always impressed by the men who push themselves like this. Much respect to Madoff for running a mile at top speed and showing no signs of quit. Joker thinks he’s 60 but still runs with high schoolers. I’m jealous. Judy got a hair cut..a bad one.

Prayers for Sam Riddle and Sticklers ankle.

Announcements: 5 P200 teams so far. Judy wants around 8 teams total…..joke. You should have signed up by now for race etc.

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