Remedial Bear Crawling



QIC: Junior Varsity

PAX: Chumbucket, Ambien, Spicoli, Meatgazer, SpaghettiO, Cardinal, SubPrime, Goose, Singlet, TrampStamp, Beater, Weinstein, Brutus, Jeff Kontz “Palin” , Cap’n Crunch, Stroke, Beltway, MiniVan, NaeNae

The weather felt great this morning.  YHC was still reeling from his defeat in the Bear Crawl race so we put in some shoulder and arm work.

Warm Up

50 SSH/Plank/10 Merkins

Lap around the park with Sandbag passback and Sprint up to the front

Stop at the Field

Bear Crawl Suicides – Bear Crawl to each cone then to full length of the field, 5 Merkins then back peddle back to SP, total of 5 sets

Mosey to Brick Circle

21’s – Box Jumps and Dips (same as 11’s, but more fun, thanks OG!)


Crab Walk to 1st Cone then Sprint back

Some exercises I cannot remember.



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