The Dirty Dozen!

The Brig……..

10-22-18  54 Degrees with a North West wind of 7 degrees, Dark like my coffee.


On Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC), Spaulding, Squid, Chum Bucket, Mini Van, Capt. Crunch, Bart Man, Harmanos, Musk, Brutus, Radar, Cookies.


Warm Up:  SSH X25, TTT X10, Arm Circles both directions X12, Air Presses X25, Imperial Walkers X12, Hillbillies X12.


Thang:  Mosey to the Elementary school (bus drive) fitness park. Broke up in groups of six and while group 1 ran around the bus parking lot, group 2 performed 25 merkins (choice of regular, incline or decline), 25 dips (dip bars), 25 big boys and 15 burpees.  Once group 2 completed exercises they ventured off for a lap around the buses and group 1 performed the exercises.

This was an AMRAP and I believe the average was three rounds.  Not sure but time flew by this morning.

Mosey back to the AO but we needed to stop in front of the rec center for a max set of merkins.  Landed at the AO for 2 minutes of Mary.


Mary:  Flutter kicks, hello Dolly and 25 little boy crunches.

We received bad news about Dr. “V” this morning and we included him in our prayers.  He has impacted a lot of men locally and he will not be alone as he takes this next journey into surgery and recovery.

As usual it was an honor to lead these men this morning and a special thanks to Purdue for taking down the Buckeyes!


Hard Hat out.

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