Four confusing corners

Date:  10/23/18

QIC:  Ambien

Conditions:  62 moon-lit lovely degrees.  Way better than 7 days ago

Pax:  Spicolli, Radar, Minivan, Hermanos, Hard Hat, Palin, Brutus, Narco, Beltway, Stroke, Shingles, Tramp Stamp, Weinstein, Beater, Chumbucket, Singlet, Yanni, Spaulding, Bartman, Squid, Spaghetti-O, Meat Gazer, NayNay.


   25 SSH

   1 burpee

   15 TTT

   2 burpees

   15 IW

   3 burpees

   15 AC (forward)

   4 burpees

   15 AC (backward)

   5 burpees

Anti-Nascar mosey around Shelter Cove park ending at field

The Thang

Four Corners

Starting at the corner nearest the fountain, do Four Corner circuits of the following:

 Corner 1: 10 V-ups mosey to Corner 2 near stage for 1 4×4, mosey across field to Corner 3 for 20 squats, mosey down field to corner 4 for 1 lunge per leg.  Return to starting corner rinse and repeat in descending/ascending sequence:

9 V-ups, 2 4x4s, 18 squats, 3 lunges per leg                                                                                       8 V-ups, 3 4x4s, 16 squats, 5 lunges per leg                                                                                     7 V-ups, 4 4x4s, 14 squats, 7 lunges per leg                                                                                     6 V-ups, 5 4x4s, 12 squats, 9 lunges per leg                                                                                     5 V-ups, 6 4x4s, 10 squats, 11 lunges per leg                                                                                   4 V-ups, 7 4x4s, 8 squats, 13 lunges per leg                                                                                     3 V-ups, 8 4x4s, 6 squats, 15 lunges per leg                                                                                       2 V-ups, 9 4x4s, 4 squats, 17 lunges per leg                                                                                     1 V-ups, 10 4x4s, 2 squats, 19 lunges per leg


20 American Hammers

30 Flutter kicks (for the kids!)


COT:  Prayers for Narco’s wife’s uncle and Dr. Vanderslice

Moleskine:  Interesting morning in which the QIC learned alot.  The idea was to do 4 corners as outlined above. However, the Q clearly confused the Pax who were going up and down the field in odd patterns, asking each other for directions, asking the Q for directions, asking the lady walking her dog for directions, going in opposite directions, looking for One Direction, etc.  Unfortunately, we were unable to do the rest of the planned Q (lunge walking, merkins, bear crawling, and pull ups) which is sad because we clearly need more bear crawl practice according to JV.  Lessons learned:  keep it simple at 5:15 am, bring a white board, shut off the fountains, and make sure there’s no dog poop near the location of 4x4s.

Regardless of the obstacles, all Pax kept moving, sweating, and groaning so the morning was a success.  I appreciate the effort of all in attendance and am made better every time I step into the gloom with you all.  Keep pushing forward and push back the fartsack.  We all get better every day.

Ambien (aka, zolpidem; look it up)

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