The Day We All Did TTT!

 When: 10/25/2018
 QIC: Joker
 The PAX: 8

Urkel, Big Spur, Coach K, Ray, Madoff, Yo-Yo Ma, Ballcock
With half of our Pax normally participating in TTT, I decided to add something to
our warmup repertoire where we just hang there for 10 seconds and touch the
ground. Once guys felt like they got that out of their system we were actually able
to do TTT….it was AMAZING! (Many told me later…. “It’s been so long since
I’ve done a ‘Through the Tunnel’ I forgot how amazing it is!”
Conditions: 50 degrees, straight up awesomeness.

SSH x 25
Hang and touch the ground for a period of time. 
TTT x 15
Arm Circles x 30
Imperial Walkers x 15

Main Thang:
Mozy the Entire McCracken Circle to Buckwalter Parkway and back to the Pad.
Stopping at every right hand entrance and knocking out
5 Burpees
10 WWII Sit-ups
20 Merkins

25 flutters
10 Air Humpers

No announcements or Prayer Requests


Ballcock made a (HC commit) last night which is the kiss of death for all of us for either missing or showing up late.
He WAS late but only by a minute and still brought it. We also discovered what time Bus Drivers show up to pick up
their buses….right around 5:50am. I was bullied into adding an extra set up Burpees, Sit-ups, and Merkins after
Urkel verbally thrashed me for an entrance I didn’t know existed. I’m officially establishing the F3#MeToo

As always, it’s such a privilege to spend time with my F3 Brothers. We all make each other better.

Joker Out!

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