Murph Prep

Date:  10/27/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Judge Judy, Gas Mask, Blindside, Compost, Ball Cock, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:   55 and perfect

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional

Six PAX took their DRP and with Veteran’s Day quickly approaching got their Murph Prep on.                                    Two PAX for a little 12 miler before the workout.  One PAX stayed for the WO while one PAX departed feeling a bit under the weather.


SSH x 30 IC

Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Seal Jack x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

Arm Circle F/B x  10 IC

Tempo Merkin x 10 IC


PAX Mosey 1.00 mile and stop at Dubois Park for MURPH PREP:

-Pull-up x 5 OYO

-Burpee x 5 OYO

-Merkin x 15 OYO

-Squat x 20 OYO

Rinse and Repeat x 5

PAX run a .50 mile mosey and circle back up at the pull-up bars for some more MURPH PREP.

Same exercises as before except the burpee is replaced with Mary Catherine x 5 (ea leg) OYO.

Rinse and Repeat x 5

PAX form up for a 1.30 mile Indian run mosey back to the Shovel Flag.

3 MOM.

V-Up x 10 OYO

Hello Dollie x 10 OYO

Rinse and Repeat, Rinse and Repeat

Seal Jack x 12 IC and DONE!


-HHI Pres Fall Festival 10/28 in the afternoon. Swanson is on the grill.

-P200 Planning meeting on Tuesday 10/30 at 5:30 at Dispensary.

-Prayers for health and recommend avoiding the far end of Red Cedar Street near Buckeye’s and Judy’s residence until the plague clears.


-Work was done today and your WO totals: Mosey/Indian Run x 2.80 miles, Pull-up x 50, Burpee x 25, Mary Catherine x 25, Merkin x 150, Squat x 200.

-Saturday AM workouts always produce great mumblechatter.

-The Murph Prep did not seem to phase The Ball Cock.

-Mary Catherine’s cause pain in Judy’s right knee b/c he is fatter on his right side.

-All reps completed with good form by Gas Mask and Blindside. Always great to see the 2.0s getting after it.

-Compost, a UT grad, was hoping to talk a little pre-game smack and was disappointed the Gamecock PAX couldn’t remove themselves from the fartsack.  Has anyone seen Dabo?

-An honor and privilege to lead as always!

Buckeye OUT

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