Are those volleyball shorts?

The Yacht Club : 10-30-18

Weather – 50 Degrees, dark with wind out of the NW.

On Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC), Mini Van, Radar, Yanni, Snipes, Stroke, Belt Way, Spicoli, Crab Cake, Snooki, Brutus, Palen, Bart Man (Respect), Dori (FNG), Tramp Stamp, Weinstein, Chum Bucket, Cardinal, Sub Prime, Spaulding, Ambien,  Squid, Musk, Spaghetti’O, Meat Gazer, Nai Nai, Narcos, Cookies (Respect),


Warm Up:  25 SSH, 10 TTT, 10 Arm Circles (Both ways), 10 Wind Mills, 10 Tempo Merkins.


The Thang:  The group gathered for a groiner demo from Mini Van in front of the fountain.  As usual his demo was spot on.  After a few comments from the peanut gallery in reference to Nai Nai’s choice of shorts, we ventured out into the darkness.

As a group we ran 2 miles with 12 stops along the way.  The first stop consisted of 1 burpee and 10 groiners.  We then increased the burpees by one every stop while keeping the groiners consistent with 10.  By the end of two miles we accomplished 78 burpees and 120 groiners.  Whining was kept to a minimum and as usual it was a pleasure to lead these men.

Thought for the day:  What are acceptable shorts for an F3 workout?  The Yacht Club strictly enforces the no Axe body spray or working out with your shirt off policy.  Are compression shorts with no outer layer acceptable?  What if partner bear crawls, buddy carry, or monkey humpers was called?  I will give him credit for sporting those in 50 degree temps!  I would not have been able to pull that off……   Something to discuss at the next 2nd F!

Announcements:  Second F lunch on Wednesday, November 7th @12:30 (Java Burrito)

Second F Happy Hour on Thursday, November 15th @5:30 (North End Crazy Crab).

P200 meeting today @ 5:30 (Dispensary).


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