Another year of trivia…

Theme of today’s workout was to congratulate the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.  I tried to make the trivia a little easier this year and was excited that the group went 6 for 6 which meant no long laps around the parking lot. It just meant that we had extra time for some more exercises. After dropping some Burpee knowledge, the exercises were to spell R.E.D.S.O.X. To the details…

Date: 11/6/18

Conditions: 67 degrees,  clear, but still a little humid, in November?

PAX: Dabo, Buckeye, Big Easy (Respect), FloRidda, SawedOff, Joker, BigSpur, Uncle Rico, Nancy Drew, Big Perm, Ball Cock, Coach K, Urkel, TP, Diapers, Static, Handy Manny, YoYoMa, Ray(QIC)


  • 10 SSH
  • 5 Baby Arm Circles (each way)
  • 10 Through the tunnel


  • The Thang:
  • Dr. Royal Huddleston Burpee gets credit with inventing his namesake in 1939
  • Measure of everyday fitness
  • Military adopts this as a test in 1946
  • 27 or less in one minute is considered bad, 41 or more is considered good
  • Lets try and do 27
  • 5 pull ups
  • Burpee record set in 2018 is 851 in one hour
  • Lets try 8 single leg burpees
  • 5 chin ups
  • Burpee record set in SC in 2014 is 5657 burpees in 12 hours
  • Lets try 5 clapping burpees
  • 5 switch hand pull ups
  • Burpee record set in SC in 2014 is 10,105 burpees in 24 hours
  • Lets try 10 burpees with a jump/knee/tuck
  • Mosey around small loop and back to the pad


  • Boston Red Sox started in 1903 as the Boston Americans, changed their name to the Somersets, then the Pilgrims, and finally the RedSox in 1907
  • They played at Huntington Gorunds until Fenway park opened in 1912
  • What is the name of the left field wall at Fenway Park? Green Monster
  • The Green Monster is 37 feet high
  • Ranger Merkins – 37
  • Mosey a short loop
  • Who let a ball go through his legs in 1986 to help cost the RedSox a World Championship?
  • Bill Buckner played 22 seasons
  • Elbow to knee – 22
  • Mosey a short loop
  • Who was traded in 1918 from the RedSox to the Yankees for the rights to the play “No No Nanette” creating the Curse of the Bambino?
  • Babe Ruth – The RedSox have now won 9 World Championships
  • Donkey Burpees – 9
  • Mosey a short loop
  • Who was the last player to hit over .400 for a season?
  • Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941
  • Squats – 41
  • Mosey a short loop
  • What is the nickname of the player who hit the ball through Bill Buckner’s legs, and is also the favorite to win the 2018 A.L. MVP?
  • Mookie
  • Overhead claps – 13 #of RedSox World Series appearances
  • Mosey a short loop
  • Ted Williams hit for the triple crown in 1942 and 1947, who is the only other RedSox player to accomplish this feat?
  • Carl Yastrzemski hit for the triple crown in 1967
  • X jump burpees – 14 # of RedSox American League Championships

(Pay no attention to the fact we were supposed to do 67 overhead claps and 13 X jump burpees)

  • Mosey a lap and head to the wall
  • RedSox play “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond after home victories
  • Rick Porcello lead the team with 17 wins
  • Lets do 17 Diamond Merkins
  • Mookie Betts led the team in 8 different offensive categories
  • Lets do 8 Box Jumps
  • One of those categories was stolen bases with 30
  • Lets do 30 dips
  • Head back to the pad


  • Plank to side arm balance
  • #19 Jackie Bradley Jr was the American league Championship MVP
  • Lets do 19 leg scissors
  • #25 Steve Pearce was the World Series MVP (both are Gamecocks)
  • Lets do 25 American Hammers
  • Plank to under the fence pushups
  • 30 seconds of Superman
  • Done!


  • It’s been one year since TP opened his very successful business
  • Election Day today, get out and vote


  • Prayers for Grayson Corbett and his family


  • Excellent showing on the trivia this morning, hopefully people got enough of a run in
  • Hope everyone was not too disappointed with missing out on 54 overhead claps
  • Great to see a good number back at the Buck
  • thanks for the chance to lead…Ray out


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