Gloves not required, but helpful

PAX: Joker, Diapers, Ray, Buckeye, Judy, Sparrow, Swanson, Kiffin, Peaches, Hair Clog, Big Spur, Gambit (QIC)

12 PAX threw the covers off the fartsack to get a mid week beatdown in the crisp fall air… YHC was hoping for a strong showing to  compete with the Buck from yesterday. No such luck. YHCwas hoping for a return showing from Squealer so I could express my fond feelings for him since I have struggled to  get up from the toilet the past 2 days #legwrecker. Again, no  such luck. Lets get to it…

Conditions: 72  degrees with a lowcountry humidity that we all love so  much

Disclaimer: not trained, here at your own risk, push yourself and modify as needed

Warm-up:  (IC unless otherwise stated) Mosey the track following Swanson’s lead then circle  back at the flag. TTT x 15, SSH x 10, seal jacks x 10, smurf jacks x 10, plank jacks x 10, 1 star jack burpee (OYO), SSH x 10, seal jacks x 10, smurf jacks x 10, plank jacks x 10, star jack burpee x 2 (OYO)…continue that cycle adding 1 burpee each round to 5 total.

Mosey to the bus loop

The Thang: PAX find a spot on the curb facing across the street to the other curb. Complete 13 derkins with feet on curb and bear crawl to opposite curb to  compete 1 incline merkin with hands on curb followed by backward bear crawl back for 12 derkins… repeat cycle until 1 derkin and 13 incline merkins. (Audible: once you finish 8 derkins eliminate the reverse bear crawl and walk back – crowd pleaser)

Mosey back to the BBall court for

6 MOM: 50 LBC OYO, Hello Dolly x 20 (IC), hold 6″ while Judy and Big Spur discuss how great the ACC is, Plankorama, superman, flutters x 30, LBC x 50 OYO



Announcements: Judy with the Q at the Buck tomorrow. He’s  hoping for more than just whip and himself.

Prayers: Grayson Corbett, 14 y/o that committed suicide on HH this past weekend, Another suicide at USCB  this past weekend, Snowflake to push through till fall break.


  1. PAX get a little confused when we don’t start with SSH
  2. SSH is a great warm-up especially when paired with multiple variations and done in repetition.
  3. Only mumblechatter this am was judy complaining about his sensitive hands
  4. Simpson has apparently gone back into hibernation
  5. Sparrow the only PAX to show that was called out last night. Good work dude!
  6. Ray and Peaches ended up crushing it (“oh we were doing 14?” – Peaches)
  7. Joke is pretty adamant that UGA will replace Mich in the CFP by season end. Buckeye did not seem to  put up much of a fight.

We have 60+ men running the P200 in March. We average 12-15 PAX at most workouts and its mainly the same group of guys. If you have guys on your team that do not post, get on their ass. P200 is one of the best fellowship events we do. It’s even more so when guys are struggling together in the gloom leading up to it. You can train by running, but you will be better if you stick with the bootcamps. Let’s  get theses guys in the gloom.

It was a pleasure this AM fellas.

Gambit OUT!

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