Happy Birthday, Marine!


10 Nov, 2018


61 degrees, partly cloudy, WNW 5kts, mild humidity


Ambien, Mini-Van, Spicoli, Bullwinkle, Narco, Spaghetti’O, Spaulding, Goose (dbl respect), Cookies (respect), Radar, Hardhat-co Q, Squid-co Q

-YHC had a technology malfunction and the name of one PAX has been omitted and unable to locate in my brain housing group.

-Chumbucket gets honorable mention, showing up early to deliver the SF and go for a solo run, in order to be able to keep a family commitment.

The birthday party is something that I signed up for a while back. On Friday, our resident Soul’ja Boy (JV) sent a text to YHC and Hardhat, sarcastically referring to ‘soldiers of the sea’ as semen. At that point, it became a co-Q. Radar was to fulfill his role as a commissioned leader of Marines: correct if necessary but otherwise, allow the Marines to succeed while setting an example. All personnel are in place as JV comes strolling in from his warm-up run, respectfully attired in olive silkies. As he makes some tired jokes about window lickers, he offers the Marines a zip-lock baggie of Crayons, as a snack. All Marines respond that they’ve already eaten.



SSH x 25

TTT x 15

AC x 10 fwd/rev


Mosey our Merkin Mile loop with five stops; each stop has:

Merkins (four count) x 10 IC

LBC x 20 OYO

Merkins (four count) x 10 IC

During the Mosey, Hardhat praised the Town of Hilton Head and the logic employed in their decision making processes. Spicoli pointed out that maybe his charm and patience gets him more grace than most. Once back to the AO, Bullwinkle appears and joins in (it seems as if there were no PAX in the 0640hrs group, so he just jumped in with us). PAX line up shoulder to shoulder on the playground.

FIRING LINE: PAX continuously do the called exercise while everyone rotates onto the pull-up bars. Once every PAX has done 5 Pull-Ups, there are Merkins (four count) x 10 IC then the group moseys to Main St then up to the stop sign and back. Rinse/repeat (during one round, Radar did have to point out that false motivation and mock respect could be considered insubordination by some…not him, but some).

Plank Jacks


Squats (un-assisted)

Mumblechatter dove to the depths of propriety when unnamed PAX commented about the scrotum of others. All agreed that there should be no comparison, for all knew who had the most handsome package.

The last round had Tempo Merkins x 3 instead of Merkins (four count) The tempo was slower that a wet Det-Cord charge charge prepped by boot PFC. It was s-l-o-w, it did burn and no one knew when it would end. As it turns out, the goal was to do 243 Merkins. Check.

All PAX Mosey to the field where the blocks are stored.

Ammo Can Relay:

Beginning with 8 blocks, the 13 PAX get on line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the Mall. Passing the blocks down the line, the last man receives his block then runs to the other end of the line. Fifty yards up and back was plenty.

Block Squat Overhead Presses x 10

Block Merkins x 10 left

Block Merkins x 10 right

3 rounds

Mosey to SF



Left arm up

Right arm up

Flutters x 40

Reading of Commandant’s Order regarding Marine Corps birthday.



The men gathered were an excellent representation of the formula that the Marine Corps has built a legacy upon. Take a lot of assorted characters with a common core of tenacity, make them endure hardships together that would wither one individually, and foster an esprit de corps that encourages and empowers all.

Great push by all. The pleasure of leading never gets old. If you have yet to lead, your time is now. Reach out and step up.

SF, Squid



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