Crunch did not show up for crunches!

The Brig!

11-12-18        52 Degrees, dark with almost no humidity.


On Deck:  Hard Hat (Q), Spaulding, JV, Go Daddy, Spicoli, Chum Bucket, Musk, Squid, Radar, Cardinal, Mini Van.

Warm Up:  25 SSH, 10 TTT, 10 Arm Circles X2, 10 Windmill, 10 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:  We set off into the brisk Carolina morning air for a 2.56 mile jog around the Brig’s perimeter fence.  Multiple stops along the way to workout our core strength.  We have hit the upper body hard lately so it was time for a little change. Each stop only included one exercise!

  1. 35 Leg lifts
  2. 35 Flutters
  3. 30 Toe touches
  4. 25 Scissors
  5. 20 Elbow to Knees X2
  6. Planks X4 positions
  7. Can’t remember
  8. 35 Hammers (Thank you Spaulding)
  9. 10 Imperial Walkers
  10. 10 Hillbillies

While executing the flutter kicks, Spaulding was nice enough to call me out for not having my legs straight enough. This was all happening while he was resting his on the deck.  Let me point out this is not the first time this has happened.  Spaulding does not realize with short legs and executing the exercise at a fast pace, my legs will appear like I am doing the bicycle.   I will be watching him like a hawk going forward!


Announcements:  Chum Bucket needs the $ before his wife realizes there is a large transaction on their joint account. If your participating in the P200, please make sure you register and pay Chum Bucket.

Prayer and dismissal.


Hard Hat Out!





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