Long Slow Burn


Q: Junior Varsity

PAX: Hardhat, Chumbucket, Spalding, GoDaddy, Musk, Spicoli, Goose (Double Respect), Crabcake, Radar, Captain Crunch, Cardinal, MiniVan

13 PAX gathered in the gloom to face adversity and do some Merkins.

Warm Up

50 SSH’s. 10 Squats, Arm Circles F/B

The Thang,

1 Merkin/15 Sec Rest, 2 Merkins/15 Sec Rest…15 Merkins/30 Sec Rest…19 Merkins/30 Sec Rest/20 Merkins

Total 210 Merkins

Mosey to Creative Arts

Baker’s Dozen Burpees

13 Sprint to goal/12 Sprint to SP/11 Sprint to goal…1 Burpee

Mosey to the benches for 21’s with Dips and Ray Lewis (DNC)

Mosey to SF for little man in the boat

The PAX pushed hard through a slow grind today.  Prayers out for Dr. Vanderslice, all the unspoken prayers, healing of tragedy victims, local young Men’s families and to heal Musk.

Get some cold weather gear.



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