Evidently rain is scary, so only 4 PAX made it out into the gloom. Ball Cock, Joker, Coach K, Judy (QIC)

Weather: Perfect.


10 SSH

2 M

10 TTT

4 M

10 Windmills

6 M

10 AC

8 M

10 AC Rev

10 M

10 SSH

12 M

10 TTT

14 M

10 Windmills

16 M

10 AC

18 M

10 AC Rev

20 M

Mosey to Bus Loop

The Thang:

Variation of Jacob’s Ladder, well sort of. 10 M, run loop, 11 M, run loop… 15 M, run loop…back down to 10 M

20 M OYO

Mosey to Pad


Jack Webb 1/4…10/40

AH x 10

Flutters x 20


10 x TM (Q counts down, PAX counts the rep)

Prayer Requests: Joker as he travels to pick up Snowflake.


  1. Great mumble chatter this morning. Stones made some really great jokes. Good work Stones.
  2. 330 total Merkins.
  3. A lot of college football banter this morning, mainly about how Carolina is better than they think they are (that’s a first) and how awesome Muschamp is as a coach. YHC will be in hiding next Saturday night.
  4. Numbers were low, but 4 is better than 1. No way YHC would be out in the cold rain getting better without these three men pushing me and holding me accountable.

Always a pleasure,




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