Parade Route Recon

Date:  12/1/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Peaches, Joker, Roker, Wet Wipes, Harvey Updyke, Big Spur, Whippoorwill, Boomer Sooner, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:   55, cloudy skies and a light rain

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional and lack skill, you are working out at your own risk

(9) PAX set off quickly for a early preview of the Town of Bluffton Christmas Parade route and got a preview of the upcoming 12 Days of F3 WO. Tis the Season Gentlemen!


Circle Up around the flag for the disclaimer and we off:

Mosey down Pritchard to Bridge street, avoiding the mini-van coming in HOT on 2-wheels, circle up a the parade start point for SSH x 25 IC. The driver of the mini-van, Wet Wipes, jailbreaks down Pritchard to join the PAX.

Mosey to Bridge and Boundary:  Squat x 20 IC

Mosey to Bridge and Calhoun:  Tempo Merkin x 10 IC, Merkin x 10 OYO

Mosey down Calhoun street and PAX take a slight detour to Dubious Park, because pull-ups:  6-Pack  OYO

PAX mosey back to and down Calhoun and stop at the Corner Perk:  Squat Jump x 10, Starjack x 10, and Jumping Lunge x 10 all OYO

Mosey down May River Road to the shady gas station:  8-Count Body Builder x 8 OYO, Donkey Kick x 16 OYO

Continue mosey down May River Road to Bluffton’s finest law firm:  Mountain Climber x 10 IC, Carolina Dry Dock x 10 OYO, Smurf Jack x 10 IC

Mosey at a good pace further down May River Road to Squat and Gobble:  Burpee x 8 OYO, Double Merkin Burpee x 4 OYO, Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee x 2 OYO.

Dashing down Pine Oak the PAX stop at YHC’s parade viewing spot at the corner of Pine Oak and Able:  Squat Jump x 10 OYO, Starjack x 10 OYO, Jumping Lunge x 10 OYO.

More mosey to Pine Oak and Fourth Ave: 8-Count Body Builder x 8 OYO, Donkey Kick x 16 OYO

Pace continues down Pine Oak and an alley way:  Mountain Climber x 10 IC, CDD x 10 OYO, Smurf Jack x 10 IC (crowd pleasure due to Boomer Sooner’s take/dance skills on the Smurf Jacks)

Quick mosey to the parade end point at Pine Oak and Eighth Ave: Burpee x  8 OYO, DM Burpee x 4 OYO, PCMB x 2 OYO.

PAX move over the river and thru the woods to the Oscar Frazier Park field and Bear Crawl across the width of the field and circle up for:  V-Up x 10 OYO, Seal Jack x 10 OYO rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

PAX head over to the pull-up bars, because pull-ups, for (1) round max rep pull-ups.

Fast mosey down Eighth Ave to Goethe Rd.

Every man for himself down Goethe Road and stop at May River Road, PAX take off at a fast pace, apparently too fast for YHC, since YHC performs his patented dry heaves three quarters of the way to May River Road.

10-Count at May River Road and PAX form up in Indian Run formation down May River Road, hook a right on Calhoun, give the TOB workers high-fives as we roll on by and then a left on Lawrence to Dubious so the PAX can have another 6-Pack at the pull-up bars.

Indian Run continues back to the flag and PAX finish with the Flutterkick x 53 IC and DONE!


-Prayers for Big Spur’s grandfather.

-Prayers for healing for all the PAX that are battling injuries, prayers they can join us back in the gloom soon.


-Great Saturday numbers and great group of  Men this morning.  The mumblechatter and fellowship was flowing throughout.  Happy B-day Whip!

-Miles were logged this morning, 3.56 miles to be exact.

-No shortage of porta-johns along the route today which put Peaches mind at ease.  Maybe the town can just leave them out there for us, the woods would appreciate it.

-No coffeteria today, but PAX did gather around Boomer’s truck for a post-workout Gatorade. Thanks Boomer for the never ending supply!

-An honor and privilege to lead as always!

Buckeye OUT

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