Let’s Mosey!

12-3-18 @ The Brig!

64 Degrees and damp.


On Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC), Squid, Spaulding, Mini Van, Chum Bucket.

Warm Up:  SSH (25), TTT (12), Arm C (15X2), IW (12).

Let’s Mosey:  We ran a total of 2.5 miles and each man chose a specific location to stop and conduct a workout of his choice.

Hard Hat: 25 Merkins

Chum Bucket: 10 Burpees

Mini Van: Not sure but we had to press our testicles up against a concrete pillar while inverted and slapping the concrete pillar with alternating hands.  Spaulding was the first to say “hell no” and then the rest followed.

Squid: Suicides on the basketball court with burpees at each stop.

Spaulding: 50 Mountain Climbers

Hard Hat: 10 Dips (X2)  10 Derkins (X2)

Chum Bucket: 50 Squats

Mini Van:  Group was nervous but we were safe with 4X4’s.   Burpee into 4 mountain climbers and then into 4 merkins.  (X10).

Back to the AO for Mary.


Mary:  Alternating elbows to knees, leg lifts into flutters.

I think the weather scared team Ashton Cove away along with others this morning.  Turned out to be a perfect morning for a workout other than an occasional puddle. Something happened to the Q sheet so please fill up the month of December.

Wednesday at the Brig will be an optional run day and we might step off early.  Group is trying for one last long run before this weekend.  If not interested in running, a regular scheduled boot camp is still planned for 0515.


Hard Hat Out!


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