Ring Around the Rosey

Date:  12/4/2018

QIC:  Wet Wipes

PAX: (15) PAX  Annie, Joker, Roker, Judge Judy, Yo-Yo Ma, Urkel, Madoff, TP, Ball Cock, Uncle Rico, Handy Manny, Coach K, Ray, Mountaineer (respect), Wet Wipes-QIC

Conditions:   49 degrees, clear skies and a slight breeze

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, workout at your own risk, push yourself, push the guy next to you


Circle on the Pad : First exercise side straddle hop : x3 – Let’s Mosey to the track

I think everyone was a bit confused that we only did 3 SSH on the pad and we took off.  I like to keep u

s on our toes.  I could here some confusion from the back but as I moved on so did everyone else.

Lap around the track : SSH, TTT, Merkins

Most of the next sequences were … Lap around the track mosey on straight, jail brake on the turns

In-between laps we did squats, smurf jax (for you Boomer Sooner), imperial walkers, merkins, freddie mercury’s

Around 9-10 laps total close to 3 miles logged this morning.

Indian Run one last lap then mosey back to the pad.


Hello Dollies, Tempo Merkins, Low Plank – DONE!


-Prayers for Uncle Rico’s father Phil.

-Prayer for the guys running Buffalo Run this weekend.

-Prayers Lord to give us the strength to show up and make us better and more like him.


It was a cool morning with virtually no light from the moon.  As the days grow longer and darker and the mornings a bit cooler it is tough getting out of bed.  So glad for a strong showing this morning.  I wasn’t feeling it, even though I was leading.  I got more excited when I saw how many of us there were.  As of today I have officially lived in Bluffton for 6 months.  I didn’t realize it until writing this.  I moved here to be closer to family and I knew no one else in Bluffton, leaving a great church body and friends in Buffalo.  My brother in-law David Crossett (Tree Huger Lehigh Valley, PA) introduced me to F3 by name only and would want to do this stuff early mornings while on vacation.  I always blew him off.  I realize now the bonds that he has created with guys in his church and guys in his community through working out and showing up regularly.  It is a pleasure getting to know some of you more and I look forward to deepening those bonds and continuing to actively participate alongside you.  It’s a little like being back in the Army, only I’m not getting paid to work out any more.  Looking forward to my next wake-up.

Joker protested my speed counting during TTT so I slowed it way down.  Apparently it’s his favorite.

I am honored to lead you men.

-Wet Wipes

This is what the Bluffton Track does to your hands. I started to wash them and realized they were filthy

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