I Think Something Just Broke -Peaches

Pax Present: Kiffin, Swanson, Ray, Gambit, Judge Judith, Peaches, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Ray, Whip QIC

Conditions: COLD….JUST COLD.


Pax mosey to BB court.

Corner 1= 100 Squats
Bearcrawl to Next Corner
Corner 2= 200 Merkins ( 50 Ranger Merkins, 50 Carolina Dry Dock, 50 Hand Release
Bearcrawl to Next Corner
Merkins, 25 Diamond Merkins)…Finished the 200 later in WO>
Bearcrawl to Next Corner
Corner 3= 300 Calf Raises
Bearcrawl to Next Corner
Corner 4= 200 Flutters + 200 Mtn. Climbers = 400

Circle up at Halfcourt
8 One Legged Merkins with plank mix
8 Diamonds with plank mix
8 Staggered Merkins with plank mix
8 Ranger
25 Merkins OYO

Mosey to Benches
10 Derkins OYO

Back to Pad.
Bearcrawl from track to Fence.
Mosey 1 Lap
Mosey 1 Lap

Finish Up with 10 Clapping Merkins.

Annoucements: Christmas Kids Project (See FB for Update)

Prayers for Diapers Son and Rhett Swanson.

MoleSkin: Great day to freeze your fat off unless you are Ray and you have 1% body fat.  Great day to own a pair of gloves. Squats got us started. Merkins where absolutely soul searching. We did Carolina Dry Docks with our legs spread wide. That worked out well. ANYTIME YOU ARE IN A GROUP OF PEOPLE JUST ASK THEM ALL TO STAND WHERE THEY ARE AND DO CALF RAISES……awkward!!!!!!!!!!
Gambit: “this is why you have chicken legs right here.”
Peaches: “I think something just broke.”
Judy: “I was sprinting and Ray ran by me in a full (calm) conversation.”
Gambit: “Can we put some of my quotes on a shirt?”
Entire Group: “Why are we doing more merkins?”

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