Thanksgiving Potluck at the Yacht Club

Date:  11/22/18 Thanksgiving Day

QIC:  Ambien

Pax:  Goose (respect, respect), Squid, Spaulding, One Star, Bartman, Spicoli, Cookies

Disclaimer:  i’m not a trainer so workout at own pace, tend to injuries, etc.

The Thang:

10 min warmup

25 SSH

1 – 4×4

15 TTT

2 – 4×4

15 IW

3 – 4×4

15 AC (forward)

4 – 4×4

15 AC (backward)

5 – 4×4

Mosey to Garage

FIRST Course:  Pull card out of hat for exercise on each of 4 floors of garage

First Floor – 10 Turkeys (Burpees)

Second Floor – 50 Cranberry Climbers

Third Floor – 40 Samoa Squats

Top – 30 Sweet Potato Hops

After top, take stairs back to first floor.  Rinse & Repeat x3

Mosey to Veterans Park

SECOND Course:  Pull card for exercise on each of 3 stations

Amphitheater – 20 Derkins

Station 2 – 20 Merkins

Lunge across field from Station 2 to Station 3

Station 3 – 30 Big Boys

After #3, return to amphitheater.  Rinse & Repeat x3

Mosey back to Flag for Dessert:  pull last card – 20 Plank Jacks

MOM:  not much time left but fit in 30 flutters for the kids

COT – YHC had all Pax name something they were thankful for as part of name-o-rama.  Common themes:  family, F3, health, and each other.  We are all blessed more than we know but all offered up Thanks on this special day.  Coffee and interacting with all Pax after workout is the best and very special to me.  I’m thankful for all of you and what F3 has brought to me. 

Ambien out.

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