The morning after Friday

Pax Present: Peaches, Boomer Sooner, Gump, Diapers QIC

Conditions: 50ish and overcast


SSH x 40 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 20 IC

AC x 15 IC each direction

Take a Lap and mosey to BBall court

Deck of Death

Hearts – Crab Cakes

Diamonds – Merkins

Clubs – Big Boys

Spades – Squats

Deuces – Take a lap and do 30 Dips on benches at backstop

Jokers – 25 Burpees (one failed attempt at pull ups)

6 MOM:

Flutters x 40 IC

Low plank x 10 IC

LBC x 50 OYO

Low plank x 10 IC

American Hammers x 25 IC

Plank until time

Back to flag

Announcements: Q Source starts Jan 5

Prayer requests: Pax in Buffalo Run Sunday

MoleSkin: Good work out with a great bunch of guys!  Thanks for showing up despite the holiday cheer that makes for a good reason to fartsack.  Thanks to Squid and Dabo for joining us at the Perk for discussion on how to implement Q Source.  It will be a good opportunity for us to grow as a group.  I look forward to being challenged even more.   – Diapers

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