Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!


39 Degrees, No wind, No rain = No excuses.


On Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC) Spaghetti’O, Cookies (Respect), Crab Cake, Brutus, Goat, Titos, Bart Man (Respect), Chum Bucket, Laettner, Na Na, Snooki, Musk, Ambien, Cardinal, Weinstein, Mini Van.


Warm Up:  SSH 20, TTT 10, Arm Circles Forward 10, Arm Circles Reverse 10, Air Presses 10, Hairy Rockettes 10.


Mosey: 1/2 a lap around the park.


Thang:  10 exercises, 10 reps, 10 minutes.  (10x10x10) Run one mile!

  1. Merkins
  2. Air Squats
  3. Alternating Mountain Climbers
  4. Burpees
  5. Leg Raises
  6. Renegade Rows
  7. Crab Cakes
  8. Buzz Saw Planks
  9. Prisoner Jump Squats
  10. Groiners

Every man completes the 10 prescribed exercises at 10 reps each until the 10 minutes runs out.  Average completion was 2.5 rounds.  After the 10 minutes each man runs 1 mile at a fast pace.  Rinse and repeat.

We completed 2 rounds of exercises and 2 runs (second round was dropped to 5 minutes so we could complete the 2nd run).

Mary:  Flutters, Hello Dolly, Leg lifts.

Thank you Na Na for finding Snooki.  It appears Snooki decided to grocery shop at Krogers instead of finishing his mile run.  Snooki reported back all is well and mission accomplished, it was a close one!

Announcements:  P200 teams need a name.  I forgot to mention that today is Taylor Swifts 29th birthday and on this day in 2003, the United States located and captured Saddam Hussein.  I would not be telling the truth if I said I have not attended some of her shows.  It’s for the kids!


Hard Hat Out!




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