Burpees in Disguise

Date: 12/19/18
The 12-18-19 workout
PAX: Bartman (respect), Cardinal, Cookies (respect), Crabcake, Chumbucket, Hermanos, MiniVan(Q), Musk, NeNe, Snipe, Radar, Tito’s
PAX (5:17) Workout: Shingles
Conditions: Clear, 48 degrees, low wind
Disclaimer: Untrained – push yourself, push the guy next to you

  • ●  SSHX12IC
  • ●  Imperial Walkers X 12 IC
  • ●  10 Burpees for Shingles
  • ●  ACFx12IC
  • ●  ACBx12ICThe Thang:
    Since Shingles showed up late he got to choose workout A or B

    Always go with A (He chose Plan B)

● Short Mosey

○ 12 Merkins, 12 Groiners, 12 Squat Jumps ● Mosey – Absolution while waiting on the 6

○ 18 Merkins, 18 Groiners 18 Squat Jumps ● Mosey – Absolution while waiting on the 6

○ 19 Merkins, 19 Groiners 19 Squat Jumps ● Rinse and repeat x 4

○ 196 Merkins, 196 Groiners, 196 Squat Jumps


  • ●  7 x Absolution
  • ●  7 x low Hello Dolly X2
  • ●  7 x high hello Dolly x2COR
    Prayers: Thankful to be able to get out of the fartsack and enjoy the mornings – Prayers for the FIA ladies of Lexington (runner was hit by car), Safety for all that workout out in the morning and for everyone traveling during the next few weeks


  • ●  It is all in all you phrase your workouts
  • ●  Chumbucket pointed out after the 3rd cycle that we were actually doing deconstructedburpee’s…..
  • ●  The Absolution workout sucks – better to run back to the 6 then do that…
  • ●  Not much mumblechatter this morning
  • ●  Any workout after a Holiday is great chance for your VQ

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