Leg Day at MOB


Diapers, Buckeye, Swanson, Snowflake, Joker, Stones, Hardhat, Yo Yo Ma, Madoff, Urkel, Spaulding, Hair-clog, Gambit, Peaches (QIC).

Conditions: 48, 6 degrees above perfect according to Static

Disclaimer, you know the deal

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

Mosey to Bruin/Prichard for TTT x 5 IC

Mosey to Nickel Pumpers for TTT x 5 IC

Mosey to Promenade Park and Partner up for a DORA

DORA 1-2-3-4 Partner A runs Promenade Loop while partner B does rep for cumulative exercises below:

-100 Mary Catherine’s each leg is 1/2 (for Judy who #fartsacked)

-200 Merkins

-300 Squats

-400 Calf Raises

Mosey to 46/Boundary for Joker style TTT-10 second hold

Mosey to Prichard/Bruin for TTT x 7 IC

Mosey to Flag for


Flutters x 50 IC

Back Scratcher x 20 IC

Dirty Dogs x 15 IC (both legs)





-Christmas Eve fun run at 900am Jarvis Park.  Hard Hat bringing beer…

-Bring Gifts in Black Trash Bag Friday for Whip with no shirt.

-Gambit with Christmas Eve Q, time TBD


-Prayers FIA Digits family and Friends.  She was hit by a car yesterday morning in Lexington SC.


-Swanson’s and Stones bromance continues with some weird elbow waving from Swanson during SSH

-Joker is working 2 days in a row next week

-Yo Yo Ma has been 12 for well over a year now.

-Good to have Yacht Clubbers back at #MOB

-Mary Catherine’s wont set in until tomorrow

-Calf raises are stupid per Stones







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