Holiday prep




48 degrees, clear, winds light/variable


Bartman (respect), Cookies (respect), Epoxy (Raliegh), Headgear (used to be Raliegh, now he’s part of the HHI PAX), Chumbucket, Hardhat, Spaulding, MiniVan, Junior Varsity, Radar, Spicolli, ‘Biner (CARPEX), Shingles, Squid-QIC


SSH x 25

Burpees x 10 OYO…to help the late-comer get the sleepy out of his eyes

TTT x 10

Really short Mosey across the street to HHI Elem entrance loop.


Partner up for a Christmas DORA 1-2-3-4-5 (one partner runs while the other works on a cumulative count of exercises, trading places after each lap).

100 Dips

200 Merkins

300 American Hammers

400 Squats

500 BBSU (a brief audible was called for PAX to return to the SF, then continue BBSU)

Once back at the SF, one partner does BBSU while the other rotates to the Pull Up bar for two sets of max/failure.

4 MOM:

All PAX circle up, on their six and begin 6 to 90 (heels six inches off the deck to legs up 90 degrees). One at a time, each PAX counts out Flutters x 10. Once all PAX have counted out Flutters, we’re done.



-Laettner’s mother’s health

-Traveling PAX family

-Our leaders and nation, as a whole


Great work by all, lots of encouragement going on. Next week, we are going to wrap up the year by finalizing your goals for 2019. Your goals should be multi-faceted: family, spiritual, physical, professional. Write them down and put dates on them. If you just think about them and they’re not written down with a date, they are no more real than the wish you make when you blow out your birthday candles.

I love what’s happening at The Brig and The Yacht Club. It’s always a pleasure and privilege to get to lead.

Squid, OUT

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