3.2 Miles the Sneaky Way


PAX: Crabcake, Cardinal, Musk, Cookies (Respect), Brutus, Goose (Double Respect), MiniVan, Chum Bucket (QIC)

Conditions: Mid 60’s and foggy

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional. Push yourself and each other

Warm Up:

-SSH x 25

-Windmills x 15

-10 Burpees (Cookies showed up at this point and forced me to break my “No Burpees” promise after JV’s workout from 1/1/19

-Arm Circles

-1 Mile loop around school stopping at student parking lot


The Thang:

21’s with Merkins and Big Boy Sit ups

(Starting at school, 20 Merkins, run to other end of the parking lot (approximately 100 yards), 1 Big Boy Sit up, then repeated until all PAX have completed 1 Merkin and 20 BBS)

Run back to flag

-2.2 miles ran

-210 Merkins

-210 Big Boy Situps


0 MOM (Time is up and we did enough BBS)





-Q Source Meeting Saturday 6am Sharp at Kroger Starbucks

-P200 coming up, TRAIN!


-5:15 came early this morning, that must have been what kept more PAX from posting or signing up to Q.

-Cookies is getting a little confused in his old age, posting at The Yacht Club this morning before realizing his mistake. His tardiness caused me to break my earlier promise of no Burpees. Props to him for still showing up at The Brig!

-Good work Brutus, Cookies and Musk for posting everyday this year! Keep it up.

Always a pleasure!

Chum Bucket Out!

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