Slow Burn Saturday

PAX: Peaches, Judge Judy, Urkel, Yo Yo Ma, Paula Dean, Toothless, Buckeye, Diapers (QIC)

Conditions: 40’s and BREEZY

Disclaimer: Not trained, work out at own risk, push hard but be careful

Warm up:

SSH x 40 IC – waiting for Paula Dean to get in circle

TTT x 12 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

WM x 15 IC

Mosey to Bridge and Calhoun intersection and partner up

Thang: Slow burn ladder

Run up Calhoun to Church St. – Lunge walk Church St. – Run down Boundary and back to intersection of Bridge and Calhoun.  20 Squats.

Run up Calhoun to Lawton – Bear Crawl Lawnton – Run back to intersection of Bridge and Calhoun – 20 Merkins

Run up to Lawrence – Crab Walk Lawrence – Back to Bridge and Calhoun – 20 Shoulder Taps (each sholder is 1/2)

Run up to Green – Imperial Walker down Green – Back to Bridge and Calhoun – 20 LBC wait for PAX.

Burpee Broad Jump Bridge St. from Calhoun to Boundary;

Indian run back to the AO – to the backstop for 30 Dips OYO

Run back to the Flag and Circle up for Mary


Flutters x 50 IC

American Hammers x 10 IC

Plank – Low x 10, Left x 10, Right x 10, Low x 10

American Hammers x 10 IC





-Q source at Corner Perk at 7:15

-Sell Signs


Rogers Family


-No matter how fast you think you are – Yo yo can take you in the Bear Crawl!

Thanks to Urkel for the Shovel Tree and 12 days of Christmas/ F3


PAX: Peaches, Urkel, Yo Yo Ma, Buckeye, Dabo, Boomer Sooner, Diapers (QIC)


Leaders influence movement to advantage – Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption – A great Leader’s legacy is built on love – Leaders are not BORN.  It is a trained skill that takes practice!

Great discussion and fellowship. Good examples, illustrations, etc. provided by PAX.   Thanks for the opportunity to get better with you men!  Diapers

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