11s Around the Loop

Pax: Hermanos, Mini Van, Ambien, Squid, Shingles, NeNe, Laettner, Hard Hat, Radar, Cardinal (VQ)
Conditions:  56 degrees and clear
Disclaimer I’m not a trained professional workout at your own risk and modify if needed. Push your partner next to you.
SSH x 25
TTT x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
AC x 10
AC (reverse) x 10
The Thang:
Mosey to the high school parking lot.  Pax pick two numbers between 1-8, for the 11’s at this location.
Mini Van selected merkins and plank jacks for the 11’s with a 40yd dash in between.
Mosey to the middle school for set number 2 of 11’s. Hard Hat chose burpees and dry docks.  (He was hoping he would select something difficult)
Mosey to the kitchen parking lot set 3 of 11’s.  Ambien selected squats and air presses.  (The break that the Q needed)
Mosey to the rec center for the remaining two 11’s.  Dips and LBCs.
Quick mosey back to circle up without a Mary.
– Reminder of Q Source on Saturday at 6am.
-Speaking about Faith.  Cardinal shared that 4 years ago his faith was almost gone.  Two months earlier he lost his father to a short battle with cancer.  Then on 12/26 of the same year his mother’s doctor visit found a softball size tumor in her abdomen.  Two weeks later he was in the hospital with his mother.  During the night she kept calling his name.  He got up several times to comfort her.  After a while she said no I’m calling to your father (he’s a Jr.).  They asked her if she sees dad and she said yes.  What is he doing?  He’s waving to me to come on.  3 hours later his mother went with his father.
Prayers:  Many unspoken ones and for the faith that’s all around us if we just take the time to look and not to be so self absorbed.
-Spaulding- we hope you start feeling better soon because Hard Hat might be suffering from separation anxiety.
-I tried to stay away from legs because of Bartman’s leg  day yesterday.  We did say that if we continue these leg days that we may need to show them off with some of Squids silkies.
-Mini Van: after further review I should have allowed your reps for the exercises instead of the 11’s.  Also great job on the new flag for the Brig.
Thanks for letting me lead such a great group of men and for allowing me to share my story.

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