Selma to Montgomery – 54 Miles

21JAN19 – Martin Luther King Jr Day 2019

W: 33F Cold and Clear

PAX: Wet Wipes, Roker, Buckeye, Gambit, Big Spur, Diapers, Rachel Ray

QIC: Dabo

Warm Up

54 SSH/15 TTT/10 Tempo MERKINS

Group Mosey to Dubose Park for

The Thang: March 21 – March 25 1963 MLKjr Led a march from Selma AL to Montgomery AL in an effort to allow Blacks the right to vote in the state of Alabama. It was a 54 mile march that took place over 5 days. While we did not have the time to march off 54 miles, we paid tribute to that historic march this morning with 1 pull up for every mile marched and plenty of laps around the 1/2 block of Dubose park.

All Pax together(in the spirit of brotherhood) complete 5 pull ups and run(as a group) around Dubose park – Rinse and Repeat 10 times.

After the 10th lap, finish with 4 pull ups for a total of 54.

Mosey to Redfish Parking Lot for 27 flutter kicks IC

Mosey to SF for 27 more flutter kicks IC

Dirty Dogs IC 20xRight – 20xLeft

1 Minute Low Plank




Sell Pork

Great work Men!

YHC was humbled last week when his 2.1(Bagman) began reciting interesting and extraordinary facts about just some of the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. When it was brought to YHC’s attention yesterday evening that the Q slot was open, inspiration had been laid, and the rest is a small piece of history. Dabo will be back in your normal rotation at the Q Slot, Look forward to getting back into fighting shape and trying to catch back up to the rest of the PAX.






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