Monday pearls

PAX: Diapers, Joker, Urkle, Yo-yo-Ma, Kiffin, Swanson, Ray, Big Spur, Rachel Ray, Roker, Jim Scott Middleton (Cowbell), Gambit (QIC)

YHC was sitting in the parking lot for my 7 minutes of early morning FB surfing when Big Spur rolls in throwing insults and looking for explicit details of the workout. No, Gloves are not needed, but if you have precious hands like YHC feel free to wear them. If you are a grown man like Judge Judy, never wear them and complain all morning long. But, I digress…

12 PAX circled around the flag this AM to jump start the week.

Conditions: 45 degrees (Prob the warmest its gonna be all week)

Disclaimer: modify as needed, workout at your own risk

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 25, Seal Jacks x 20, TTT x 15, Squats x 20, Merkins x 10, LBAC 20 ea way

The Thang: (POS) Begin mosey the wrong way on the track stopping at the top of the drainage “hill” on the football field. All PAX complete 1 merkin, bearcrawl down said hill, 1 merkin, crawlbear back to top x 5 reps. Continue mosey the wrong way (per Joker) stopping at the benches for dips x 30, mosey to the exercise equipment for incline pull ups x 20, Continue mosey to Bball court  and assume Balls to the wall ( crowd pleaser). All  PAX performed 2 sets of 10 merkins to break up the time on the wall and keep from passing out. Continue mosey around the track  exiting into the parking lot  and making our way to the high class coupon storage facility (the woods). All PAX grab a coupon and complete 30 OHP and 50 curls. return the coupons to their resting place and lock  the door…  Mosey out to Pritchard heading toward Bridge stopping at the stop sign for plank jacks x 30 IC. Mosey toward the bridge and reverse lunge across. Continue mosey to TCOTC by way of water street stopping at water and boundary for 5 double merkin hand release burpees OYO. Once at TCOTC find a place on the wall for 11’s. Wait, running out of time, let’s do 7’s with derkins and dips. Regroup  on the road for a rolling start jailbreak. Mosey to Allen and then jailbreak to bridge followed by mosey to Green. All PAX then face Montessori for a lateral shuffle to Lawrence. Change direction and continue  to Lawton. (Sneaky) Continue Mosey to the park and find a place on one of the tables for pistol squats x 20 ea leg then over to the monkey bars for pull ups x 5. Continue mosey back to the flag via Bridge st. circle up for a little plankorama while waiting on the 6. All PAX complete 10 merkins.

Done! no  time for  Mary.

Announcements: Sell Pork! Swanson is gonna place the order Tuesday. Also, Sign up to help out this weekend for the pork sale

Prayers: unspoken


  1. Big Spur has a secret love for the Gamecocks.
  2. Reverse bearcrawl up the “hill” is  horrible end of story
  3. Yo-Yo’s kryptonite…reverse bearcrawl uphill
  4. Joker gets slightly flustered when running the wrong way on the track
  5. This episode of BTTW was sponsored by Roker… If anyone has a spare bag of  frozen peas they would be appreciated
  6. The coupons have survived a week without disappearing. Could be a record
  7. Joker informed us that TCOTC is now filming us. Don’t  knock the wall over
  8. Big Spur is as good at the defensive slide drill as Yo-Yo is at bearcrawling.
  9. Cowbell with an impressive first showing. Welcome!

Enjoyed the morning fellas. It was an honor

Gambit out!

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