Shifting AO Site Trial #1


CONDITIONS: 47 degrees, mostly cloudy, L&V NE

PAX: Radar, Schnitzel, MiniVan, Bartman, Spaulding, Spicoli, Brutus, Shingles, Squid/QIC


35 x SSH IC

10 x TTT IC

20 x Imperial Walkers IC


THANG:  Begin with 21 V Ups then run the parking lot lap

20 V Ups and run

Rinse and repeat, decreasing one rep each round.

Sometime around round 10, Schnitzel asks, “Are we supposed to do fewer V Ups each time?”

Collect the Six,

MARY: it’s pointless and we’re already chiseled.



-prayers for family in OH (with local ties) that just lost 6th grade son.

-prayers to be re-energized and used in our professional lives; to keep on keeping on, even when we don’t want to.

-many unspoken


-Bartman was CRUSHING this workout. He is an inspiration to many, including YHC.

-Schnitzel’s question about the workout shows that the Q’s instructions were not clear and thorough. Keep in mind, the Q needs to communicate effectively in order for everyone to get the most out of our time together.

-Site notes: it is too dark on US278 to run the bike path, the parking lot of the AO is well lit, we are in close’ish proximity to the basketball court and pull up bars, there is little traffic until right at 0600 when the late school bus drivers come screeching in at the last minute.

Great push by every single man there!

Squid, OUT


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